Welcome to Edenfield Badminton Club 


Although Edenfield Badminton Club has been around since the 1980s, the last six years has seen a big increase in membership and participation. The club endeavours to create a fun and friendly badminton club environment. The club welcomes anyone of any age, standard or background and seeks to not only provide a fun club night environment but also help to improve people’s standard of play. We have a full and active committee that are always willing to find ways of developing and improving the club. The only rules that the club seeks to abide by are as follows:

  • The club should be open and accessible to everyone and ensure everyone gets the best experience of badminton possible
  • All members of the club (including match players) are invited and requested to attend club nights
  • All club members will be expected to sign up to 1 year membership after 6 visits to the club. More information about membership is available in the club constitution
  • Club nights operate on a peg board process. This ensures the rotation of games on and off court and enables attendees to experience a variety of games. It is expected that club members will adhere to this process and play against all other members of the club irrespective of standard.
  • The club will endeavour to keep you informed of ongoing developments within the club but will also protect the security of your information
  • Finally the club seeks to offer internal and external competition and will undertake a selection process to ensure everyone who wishes to participate will be able to.

The club currently runs 2 teams competing in the following leagues;

  • Rossendale Badminton League (Mixed)
  • Oldham & Rochdale Badminton League (Open)


Membership Costs

  • Under 18 Membership                                             £15
  • Adult Club Membership                                          £20
  • Adult League Membership                                      £25 (if you are asked to play for multiple teams a small additional fee may be incurred. To be confirmed at a later time)
  • Adult Club Night – £5
  • U18 Club Night – £3
  • Adult Match Night – £5
  • U18 Match Night – £4

2 Responses to About

  1. Paula Rose says:

    I’ve an 11 year old son who’s really keen on developing his badminton skills. Would your club be a good place for this? He’s desperate for coaching.


    • Currently we don’t have coaching for junior players although we do have L2 & L1 coaches. If you let me know whereabouts you live I can probably recommend a club that does provide coaching for juniors. Andy


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