2017 AGM Minutes

The minutes of the 2017 AGM are now in the Club Documents section.

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2017-18 Fixtures

The fixtures for both league teams have now been added to the website.

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A Reminder to all Club Members

Club Night Rules

Edenfield Badminton club operates an open door policy, whereby all players are welcome. They must however comply with the following criteria.

  1. All players are expected to play with all other members of the club irrespective of standard. On a club night you should expect to have a few games that are competitive and provide a challenge, but it should also be expected that people will play with younger, less experienced players to help them develop. Many of our existing match players started at the club as relative beginners and were it not for people helping support their development they may have given up the sport and not continued playing.
  2. All players should vacate the courts once they have finished their games in order that all players get the opportunity to play. Players are encouraged to organise their own games, however that means during the night you should play with a number of different players and not stay within existing friendship groups, people of similar standards or exclude any individuals.
  3. Consider your opposition/partner. In order not to discourage younger/ more inexperienced members, you may from time to time have adapt your playing style. Nobody likes to be made to feel bad for their contribution especially when they are learning a new skill. Where possible encourage these players and be aware of their limitations. Don’t forget you were once new at the sport as well.
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2016/17 Fixtures

The fixtures for the forthcoming season for Edenfields 3 teams are now available on the Fixtures/Results page.



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2015/16 Annual General Meeting

Please find attached the minutes from the Edenfield AGM held at the Holden Arms on Thursday 05/05/2016. The key points to note are:

  •  Club and match night fees will go up to £5 as of September but as a result we will provide more high quality shuttles
  • Attendance at club night has now become a pre-requisite to playing in the teams
  • Club night moving forward will be organised by one person on a rota basis
  • Coaching has been highlighted a issue – an intensive day of coaching is due to be organised over the summer if you are interested please let Vicki know.


Treasurers report 2015-16

Edenfield Badminton Club – 2016 AGM Minutes

If you have any questions or queries please let me know


Many Thanks


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2015/16 Season Report

Now that the 2015/16 season is well and truly over, it is probably a good opportunity to catch up will all that has happened.

Blackburn Team (captained by Paul McGrath).

Finished their first season in the Blackburn league with a perfect P 14 W14 L0 record to top division 3 gaining promotion to division 2, where the opposition will be a much tougher prospect.The Blackburn league is a mixed league with each team comprising 3 Men & 3 Ladies.

Blackburn Div 3 League table


Rossendale Team (captained by Amelia Brummitt)

The Rossendale team finished bottom of Rossendale Division 2 with a P16 W1 L15 record but had much to be positive about with many players gaining valuable experience and showing improvement towards the end of the season.The Rossendale league is a mixed league with each team comprising 3 Men & 3 Ladies.

Rossendale League Tables


Open Team (captained by Andy Dadswell)

The open team finished a disappointing season bottom of Oldham & Rochdale Division 3 with a P16 W1 L15 record, however this division had 5 new teams all of which should probably have been competing in a higher division. Over the course of the season a total 13 players were used, and this team probably clocked up the highest mileage with many of the away matches being unsurprisingly in Oldham & Rochdale. The Oldham & Rochdale League is an Open league which means that teams are free to choose their players regardless of gender, this does mean however that most teams are comprised entirely of men.

Oldham & Rochdale Open Div 3 Table

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